KaVo ARCUSdigma


Data transmission to the KaVo PROTARdigma articulator

When using the KaVo PROTARdigma articulator, model mounting does not require a face-bow. "Simply ingenious therapy"

The complete data transmission from the patient to the articulator is called PROTARdigma. Upper jaw model mounting with the KTS system by KaVo, or classical model mounting by means of arbitrary and individual hinge axis respectively, are the basis for any articulation. Dynamic movement parameter settings at the articulator joints and lower jaw model mounting using ARCUSdigma, make it possible to ideally achieve the desired goal.

Analysing with ARCUSdigma...

Contents of the ARCUSdigma data sheet:

  • Joint path inclination
  • Bennett angle
  • Immediate side shift
  • • Shift angle
  • Anterior tooth guidance
  • Canine guidance
  • Localisation of the individual centric and kinematic axes, respectively
  • Determination of the centric relation
  • Localisation of painful temporomandibular joint positions

… and reproduce with PROTARdigma

The legendary, highly-precise mechanics of the KaVo PROTARdigma articulator, reproduce all the movements necessary, for prosthetic therapy. Thus, the PROTARdigma articulator, provides the pre-requisites for designing a functional, chewing surface.


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