VITABLOCS RealLife® for CEREC®/inLab® MC XL

Natural CAD/CAM anterior esthetics in three dimensions

The innovative VITABLOCS RealLife were especially developed for highly esthetic anterior restorations. The three-dimensional block structure with dentine core and enamel coat imitates the curved shade transitions between dentine and incisal edge. Accordingly, VITABLOCS RealLife restorations may have more cervical or incisal proportions in accordance with the natural shade nuances of the residual tooth substance. The material of the VITABLOCS RealLife is the VITABLOCS fine-structure feldspar ceramic which has proven its clinical reliability a million times over.


Truly natural anterior esthetics:

Simple reproduction of very fine, natural shade nuances since the three-dimensional block structure reproduces the natural tooth structure.

Simple fabrication:

Thanks to the intuitive software and the innovative block concept, natural anterior esthetics can be easily achieved with just a few mouse clicks.

Fast fabrication:

Thanks to the intelligent combination of block and software, highly esthetic results can be quickly achieved without the need for characterization or individualization.

High level of individuality:

Almost unlimited creativity for the fabrication of highly individual restorations thanks to the possibility of three-dimensional placement of the restoration in the block.


VITABLOCS RealLife are perfectly suited for highly esthetic anterior crowns and veneers.


Available in 6 VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shades: 0M1C, 1M1C, 1M2C, 2M1C, 2M2C and 3M2C


Package with 5 pieces

RL-14/14 (14 x 14 x 18 mm)

System compatibility:

VITABLOCS RealLife ceramic can be processed with the CEREC MC XL and the inLab MC XL systems from Sirona. This block is only available from VITA!


Primarily, dual-curing (light- and chemically curing) composites, such as Clearfil Esthetic Cement (Kuraray) Variolink II (Ivoclar Vivadent) and RelyX Unicem (3M ESPE) are recommended for bonding VITABLOCS ceramic. Purely light-curing composites may also be used for restorations with thin walls, such as veneers.


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